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Reasons to Use Meditations for Sleep

Most adults have trouble sleeping at night. Even those who fall asleep often have trouble staying asleep or getting restful sleep. With the daily stresses of work, running households, paying mortgages, saving for retirement, and more, it is easy to understand why this happens.

As if not sleeping is not bad enough, this lack of quality sleep leads to stress and fatigue during the day. It is difficult to handle daily life effectively when our brains and bodies have not been able to recuperate throughout the night.

How we sleep the night before can have a significant effect on how we interact with loved ones, stress management, problem solving, and more. This means that without quality sleep, you might be missing out on a lot: promotions at work, quality time spent with family, and money that you could be making.

Now that we know we need quality sleep, how do we get it? Most sleep issues are caused by stress and anxiety. Though we cannot just snap our fingers and make them disappear, we can use meditations for sleep to help.

In addition to the several others, here are some specific benefits of meditations for sleep:


  • It relaxes the body, which makes it easier to fall asleep. This relaxation also benefits your nervous system, which tends to be responsible for how easily you wake up throughout the night.

  • It reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. As these slow, your body begins to relax more.

  • Meditation has also been known to increase melatonin- the hormone responsible for making you sleepy.

  • All of these previous facts lead to a calmer mind and body, making it much easier to drift to sleep and stay asleep.

Our online meditation is great for sleep, and many other things. Give our online meditation a try for free to see for yourself how much your sleep can improve.